Details and Design

This may be a fitting post, an homage if you will, to the Almighty Apple as it’s stock price moves ever higher.  Steven Jobs had an obsession with design, which I believe is one of the strongest reason why Apple products hold such sway for users. For instance, here is an example of the surprise I felt when opening up my new Mac Pro computer.

Mac Pro packaging

Mac Pro and protective packaging

At the bottom of the elegant packaging that my Mac Pro was shipped in was an odd part that, at first look, I could not decipher. You have to understand that Apple takes design deep into it’s packaging, blending form and function into Art. Yes “Art” with a capital “A”.


World Health Organization selects Createus Media video for E-Training

The World Health Organization (WHO) has selected a video produced by Createus Media to be included in its online E-training platform in order to help people understand human rights in the context of mental health and, in particular, the ways in which services and practices within mental health services can be aligned with the international human rights standards and best practices.

The video, Peer Advocacy in Action, is a story about a mental health peer advocate who speaks up for an elderly woman who had been hospitalized most of her life in a state mental hospital. Special thanks to Rita Cronise who brought this video to the attention of WHO.

Happy Mother’s Day


Here is a song to play for that special Mother of yours. From “Liguori: O God Of Loveliness” from Angels And Saints At Ephesus by Benedictines Of Mary, Queen Of Apostles.


You can order the entire CD from Amazon

Be the Hope – Gayathri Ramprasad

Too often, we think of health care issues provincially, or through the limited scope of what is done and offered within our communities and the US. Here is the visually distinct voice of Gayathri Ramprasad who brings a world perspective to the issue of mental health and depression. This was a TEDx Talk titled, “Be the Hope” that Gayathri gave recently. For more information on her organization, ASHA, which is the Sanskrit word for “Hope,” visit:


I hope to have the opportunity to work with Gayathri Ramprasad for an upcoming iNAPS Conference for peer supporters this August. Stay tuned.

Shawn Mullins – My Stupid Heart

“Song of the Day” is going out to all Rochesterians, who are patiently waiting for Spring to arrive. From signer-songwriter Shawn Mullins, the soft ballad “Sunshine” from his new album My Stupid Heart.

I had the distinct pleasure of watching Shawn perform live at the Flour City Station with my girlfriend in Rochester to a small but enthusiastic crowd. Shawn demonstrated his considerable talents not only as a singer-songwriter, but as a acoustic guitarist. A real treat as the sound mix was spot-on. I encourage you to listen to his work and pick up his new album at or

Are youth voters “Kicking It” or “Sticking It” to Bernie?

Bernie SandersBernie Sanders will not go quietly into that good night as a result of his winning the Michigan primary. Onward to Florida, Ohio, Illinois and North Carolina! What crazy and entertaining ride this primary season has been.

At first, I thought Bernie might be able to fire up younger voters to actually go and vote, but the statistics say that hasn’t been the case – the percentage of young voters remains low.

History showed us that while Obama engaged youth in his campaign, that engagement didn’t increase the number of young voters going to the polls.  Now, four years later, Bernie seems to be getting the same treatment. Lots of youth express their support, but then stay home on election night. So that’s why I’m not optimistic that Bernie can pull off an upset.

But making predictions for this primary election has been futile. So who knows, maybe the youth of America will wake up and realize that you have to take action to make a change. And that action is going to the polls for the primaries and the general election.

Sinbad’s – Park Ave

Sinbads 01I can’t believe I’ve never been to Sinbad’s before. I usually head to Aladdin’s on Monroe or Schoen Place along the canal for fresh healthy Mediterranean food.

The menu was familiar with items like Aladdin’s, but different enough that I feel like I have a choice between two great restaurants. The service was excellent as my waitress was very attentive and professional.
Sinbads 02

Just had to come back and get a slice of Baklava to-go. Highly recommended and prices are reasonable. Sinbads’ is located at 719 Park Ave, Rochester, NY 14607. Enjoy!

Hospice Care – don’t wait

Marie Barker

Vera “Marie” Barker, at St. John’s Home, Dec. 26, 2013

My mother, Vera “Marie” Barker, passed away recently. She was able to receive hospice care the last week of her life, which helped ease her pain and allowed her passing to be free of much of the pain and discomfort that she was experiencing.

There is a lot of misconception of what hospice and palliative care is and can offer patients and their families. I urge anyone who has a loved one facing the end of their life not to wait and get information about hospice. Receiving hospice care will benefit your loved one and bring extra services that provide relief for family members as well.

My mother’s hospice care was provided by Lifetime Care as a push-in service to the nursing home services at St John’s Home where my mother was a resident. Together, Lifetime and St John’s provided excellent care, as do so many of the hospice and and nursing homes do. My gratitude and admiration to all of the hospice and nursing care specialists who see this profession as their calling. Thank you.

Marie and Bill hold Kathy 01

Marie Barker and William “Bill” Spencer Barker, Jr. with their first born, Kathrine.

Marie - high school portrait

Marie Barker – High school graduation portrait

Marie and William Barker - Mill Valley living room - undated

Marie and Bill, in their living room at Pittsford, NY

Marie Barker church portrait 2010-07-10

Marie Barker, church portrait 2010