Random Stories of Massive Change

Welcome to the launch of Createus’s new video blog, Random Stories of Massive Change. Each story answers a single question, “What is happening right now in your life that is causing Massive Change?”

These stories will be collected from all corners of the world, common lives, and extraordinary life-changing moments. Moments where people choose to turn left or right and the Massive changes for the better it brings about.

Our first story is from Bill Hendrick. It’s the story of his wife’s death and his resulting celebration of love.

The passing of my first wife, Jeanne
I make people happy!
His name is Dave.
Rippin’ and Running with all the wrong people.
It only takes one arm to make pickles.
Letting go of a relationship
Working at a printing company, then robbing a bank, twice.
God put me on the right path.