The Color of Blood

I was at my local drugstore returning bottles when I met Samuel. He was with his Godson and had a motorized bike. We got to talking since I recently had my 3-speed bike stolen and Samuel sold second-hand bikes. Here is what he told me about his journey in life.

That is the best description of money I have heard, “Money is the color of blood.” So much pain, sweat, tears and yes, death, has been exchanged for the “the root of all evil.” God bless you Samuel for seeing money for what it is.

A Brand New Light

When I first met John Paul many months ago, I knew he was homeless and I offered him some money. We talked a short while and he told me he was making efforts to improve his situation, including finding a job.

Then after several months, I asked him why he still hadn’t found a job. His answer made me see him in a brand new light, and maybe it will for you as well.

It is easy to look at any person, and make a snap judgement. Our brains are wired to do so, otherwise we couldn’t survive for very long.

Other times, we need to take a breath to look beyond the surface to see the deeper truth. It’s about giving space and respect to all, so we avoid misjudgments.

For more information about stereotypes and snap judgements, read this article: “Implicit stereotypes and the predictive brain: cognition and culture in “biased” person perception.”


Axel Santiago recently was scammed for $20,000. Learn about his courageous decision to solve this all-too-common personal tragedy.

I met Alex when my bicycle was stolen from a local Walmart, and he offered me a ride home. Thanks, Alex and God Bless you!