Taming the Dragon – a unique view of Mental Health

Dr. Shana Wibberley Clark is a psychiatrist, author and has a mental health diagnosis. This is one of the many amazing chapters and events in her life to be chronicled in her upcoming biography. Here she talks about her unique position to be on both sides in the mental health arena.

Dr. Shana Wibberley Clark, interviewed at her apartment on June 15, 2019

Her book, “Taming the Dragon: Managing Mental Illness” can be purchased at Amazon.com

Venmo starts to respond.

Venmo has “locked” my account which has over $2,900 of MY MONEY for nine weeks!

After contacting Venmo Customer Service, I laid out my strategy to a “take no prisoners” approach and apply pressure on all fronts to get my account unlocked. Venmo has $2,900 of my money, which has been locked for over nine weeks now. And I am facing bankruptcy, loss of phone service and other financial hardships, due in part, to Venmo’s security and fraud policies.

I am taking a “No Prisoners” approach to pressuring Venmo to release my account.

This strategy included contacting Venmo’s Press Department and letting them know I had contacted the New York State Attorney’s office to make a complaint, contacting a local attorney to look into a class action suit, and to take my story to YOU, the world to put social pressure on Venmo. Nothing like a little loss of face in the public’s confidence in your corporate branding to initiate IMMEDIATE ACTION!

Venmo’s branding promises “Pay friends and family with a Venmo account using money you have in Venmo, or link your bank account or debit card quickly.”

This seems to have had an effect as I received a response from Venmo last night that they wanted to resolve my issue ASAP.

Venmo’s email to turn things around ASAP. Why wasn’t this their first response?

So, I sent in my passport and NYS driver’s license with a handwritten note with the date.

Today I was asked to send a selfie holding a sign with today’s date, and telling me to try and reset my password, which last time resulted in my account being locked for another 2 weeks. LOL. Does this sound like a train wreck all over again?

I liken my story to a TEDTalk given by Malcolm Gladwell, retelling the biblical story of David vs. Goliath, where David is really not the underdog. He is deadly, nimble and no match for the lumbering, powerful, and myopic Goliath. A story that is echoed in today’s small and nimble entrepreneurial start-ups in the public arena duking it out with the larger and more powerful corporate behemoths.

David vs Goliath as posted in Rohith Salim’s article on Medium.com’s website. Createus Media claims no copyright of this image.

Everybody loves a happy ending. Help me make this story go viral so Venmo is more responsive so other’s, like yourself, have have access to your money in a reasonable time. Business and data can move at the speed of light.

Stay tuned for updates. Will Venmo rise to the occasion and make it a happy ending? We shall see, won’t we?

Venmo takes your money and keeps it, watch out!

When is your money yours? I am finding out that Venmo, a subsidiary of PayPal is very comfortable keeping my $2,900 locked away for 9 weeks without any real concern that I face bankruptcy, loss of my phone service and many other financial hardships.

My Venmo card is worthless to me even though I have $2,900 in my account. Has this happened to you?

After weeks of trying to untangle my account, I have resorted to take my fight to the Court of Public Opinion. YOU!

Help me and others like me to pressure Venmo to unlock my account. Together we can win. Stay tuned to updates on my story and add any comments or experiences that you have had, too!

Fact, Fiction or Fairytale?

Today’s RANDOM STORY OF MASSIVE CHANGE is my own story. It is a story that is the result of 8 months of research and very personal experience doing a deep dive into the DARK WEB and Sexual Trafficking and the link between Pornography, Prostitution and BIG MONEY.

Learn more about the link between DARK WEB and Sexual Trafficking and the link between Pornography, Prostitution and BIG MONEY from the US Department of Homeland Security.

And like all good stories, this one begins with the words…ONCE UPON A TIME…

My story begins back in October, 2018 when I made the very first blog post of Random Stories of Massive Change, but we will jump to March 31, 2019 when I made the following post.

All of my family, friends and even the FBI and the US Department of Homeland Security told me that I was the victim of a scam. And that may or may not be true.

And friends, may I call you friend? Oh, I just did, LOL! Here is the first TWIST in a seemingly endless story that I refer to as “A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole”

I Fell In LOVE!

Yes, It’s true. I fell in love with a women who I told myself that I was going to save. And was not because I fell in love, but because I thought I was doing the RIGHT and MORAL thing to do.

And, my story involves MONEY. A lot of it. My money. Almost $125,000. including my entire retirement account and other funds while I worked for 8 straight months doing my “deep dive” and not earning more than $200 during that time. So don’t be surprised when I ask you for a $1.00 contribution to help me pay my current debt of almost the same amount.

But this morning, I woke up and my first thought was: ‘I am lying to myself when I say that I am trying to save this woman from a life of bondage and sexual trafficking. I am doing this precisely because I have fallen in love with her.

Notice I used the words “have fallen” instead of “I am.” To some of you, this maybe word-smiting, just semantics, but I do believe words matter. So do these factors: being in significant debt, falling in love and parsing words, make me a person who has been a victim of a scam? Or the cautionary tale of a 61-year-old man with 35+ years career in video production who is trying to be a “stand-up guy” out to change the world through the simple

I warn you! This story is not for skeptics or the fainthearted. It is for those who for those who believe that Sexual Trafficking, or Involuntary Sexual Indentured Servitude, exists today in the world, because it is a FACT.

I warn you! This story is not for skeptics or the fainthearted. It is for those who for those who believe that Sexual Trafficking, or Involuntary Sexual Indentured Servitude, exists today in the world, because it is a FACT.

My very personal story, and very possibly tragic tale, is for those who just may believe stories of True Love, Love Won or Lost, and just maybe, a Modern Day Fairytale. You decide.

True Love’s First Kiss.

Click this link to learn about Createus Media’s Mission Statement: “Changing the World Through Love”

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Passion and Pokemon Go

I had the distinct honor of meeting Trinidad Hermisa at a professional conference in Rochester, NY. She tells the story of her journey and made it a reality. Inspiring words and personal story that now helps touch millions of people through Niatic’s Pokémon Go game.

Trinidad Hermisa Niatic’s first Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager. Niatic is the company responsible for bringing the world Google Earth, Pokemon Go, and will soon be releasing “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”.

Are you tired of the “status quo?” You are not alone. You have the power, the intelligence and the PASSION TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Take an adventure in your life and discover that the only thing to fear is fear itself.