Power and Sex Abuse are the beginning of Sexual Slavery

In this National Public Radio (NPR) news story, details of the most recent in a long list of current sex abuse that leads to sexual slavery.


Think that sex abuse or sexual slavery is not a problem? Think again. And you can help raise awareness.

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BEWARE of Scam from “World Bank Group funding”


This is the Facebook page for WBG Funding Program. I was contacted via Facebook Messenger that I had won $100,000 grant via a random selection process.

I verified with Facebook and the URL and the site had been operational since 2018, however the page has since been updated and the report from Facebook does not currently show the date listed when I was first contacted.

I was advised by WBG Funding Program that I needed to be verified and was directed to give personal information to them via Facebook messenger and later WhatsApp with a staff member. This was part of their process in order to ensure my identify.

Long story short, I have had two accounts breached and now stand in debt from their actions a total of approximately $8,000

Screen shot of one of my accounts showing an negative balance of $7,662.81 due to “verification” process of WBG Funding Program or scammer pretending to be WBG Funding Program

I believe, the entity or scammer who has been corresponding with me over many months, has violated US Federal Laws regulating on-line security and fraud.

Be advised to stay clear of any contact or requests from WBG Funding Program, and stay tuned to future updates on this story.

Can Venmo can hold your money indefinitely?

My Venmo card which has held over $2,500 for more than 10 weeks. Whose money is it? Venmo seems to think theirs and theirs alone.

I had a Venmo account for over 4 months. It’s closed now, but for the past 10 weeks, Venmo has refused to send me the $2,595 dollars they still hold in my account.

Actually, the amount is even more, $400 was “required” by Venmo as part of their verification process, money I had to borrow from a relative.

Is this how you treat customers? Contact Venmo now and let them know how you feel.

There is more to the story below.

Venmo claims they are unable to “fully verify” my identity, even though I have sent them the information they requested, such as the following photos of my New York State driver’s license and US Passport.

So I have taken to posting my story here along with contacting my New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.