Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Helping Change the World Through Love

One World, All Life

Earth. This is where we all live, from human life to viruses. Earth is our only home, and we face a multitude of problems. And many people are wondering, especially now in the wake of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC “Why here and why now?”

What does the future hold for the world?

No one truly knows, yet we face many important problems and decisions on what actions we can take and how we can gain purpose in our lives.

The question is “HOW can we solve these issues?”

Most of us agree that things must change. Indeed, change is the one constant in all life. We do have the resources and the technology, yet many people lack the knowledge, the will and direction to solve these MASSIVE PROBLEMS. We have the choice to put aside our differences, join hands, roll up our sleeves, both individually and collectively, and take ACTION!


Throughout human history, most generations believed they were witnessing the END TIMES – that the world was at the brink of destruction. But for the first time, we face several problems that are causing MASSIVE global disruption on a scale not seen before.

CLIMATE CHANGE was top of a long list and still is, but the COVID-19 has also grabbed world attention and threatens us on a global scale as it continues to mutate. And when you consider all of these global problems we face, it is clear that we have the capacity to cause our own extinction, or at the very least, a massive “culling of the herd,” and the realization of a dystopian world.


The alarm bell is ringing and we must answer! The time is HERE AND NOW.

The solution sounds simple, but the wisdom of spiritual teachers and religions through time and across cultures agree the answer is simple: Through Love.

Love is the Answer!

Therefore, Createus Media seeks to Change the World Through Love

Here are two songs that reflect the importance Life, Love and Changing the World.

As posted on YouTube George Harrison Published on Nov 29, 2016 Listen & Buy more of George Harrison’s music Createus Media claims no copyrights.
Posted by HarryRunt danu Published on Jul 6, 2011. Createus Media claims no copyrights.

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