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This is where we live. All of us. Now. Why? We do not know. But it is our only home. And we all share the same world. From viruses to human life. What does the future hold for us? Nobody knows, yet we all face many important issues.

The question is HOW to solve the issues.

We have the resources the Money and the Technology. Yet, many people lack the will to act to solve these MASSIVE PROBLEMS. And put aside our differences, join hands, roll up our sleeves and take…


Every generation throughout history has believers they are living in the END TIMES. That the world was at the brink of destruction. But for the first time, we face MASSIVE global destruction.

CLIMATE CHANGE is the first on a long list. All we need is do nothing and we are headed for extinction or at the very least a massive culling of the herd, and realization of a dystopian world.


The alarm is ringing and we must answer! It is not too late to act.

The answer is by coming together through Love. Sounds simple, but the Wisdom of the Ages agree.

Love is the Answer!

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The Mission of Createus Media is “Changing the World Through Love

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